How to Send WhatsApp Messages Without Saving the Number on Your Phone

Send WhatsApp messages whout saving number on your phone

WhatsApp is one of the most popular apps in this world and these days almost everyone prefers to contact another person through WhatsApp.

Normally you cannot send a message from the WhatsApp app without saving contact on your smartphone. But there’s a way you can send messages on WhatsApp without the need to save contact in your address book.

Many people believe it is impossible, but here is a step-by-step guide on how you can send a WhatsApp message without saving the number on your smartphone.

Open the web browser and then type number in the Address bar of your phone’s browser (Example: or

You can use the same thing on both your computer and smartphone

In the place of “phone number”, enter the phone number of the person to whom you want to send a WhatsApp message with the country code without adding + or 00

Then proceed with your browser

The number that you provided should have a WhatsApp account.

Then click on “Message” button.

You will be taken to the WhatsApp app with a chat being open for the said contact.


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