How to change Adhaar address without Address Proof



You can now update or change your Aadhaar address online without providing a valid Address proof. The new rule is very helpful for those who don’t have a valid address proof to change the Aadhaar address.

In the absence or address proof, you can update your Aadhaar address with the consent of an introducer. The introducer can be a family member, friend, or landlord.

Both the requester and the introducer should have updated their mobile number with Adhaar.

Once both parties have successfully completed the request, the UIDAI will send a verification letter to the requester’s address with a secret code. You must enter that code within 30 days of the application. Once validated by the secret code received by the speed-post, your Adhaar address will be updated immediately.

Procedure to update Adhaar address online without Address Proof

Visit the Unique Identification Authority of India website:

Select ‘Request for Address Validation Letter‘ in ‘My Adhaar‘ from the top menu

Step – 01

  • Login with your Aadhaar Number
  • Enter the Introducer’s Aadhaar Number
  • Get a ten-digit SRN (Service Request Number)

Step -02

  • Now the Introducer will receive a link by SMS in his mobile number
  • Click on that link
  • Login with his Aadhaar
  • Give Consent / Permission

Step -03

  • The requester will receive a confirmation link by SMS
  • Login with SRN (received on 1st step)
  • Preview the new Address (Introducer’s Same Address)
  • Select your local language (if required)
  • Submit

Step -04

  • Applicant will receive an address validation letter by post.
  • Login to Update Address and enter the Secret code.
  • Review the new address and submit it.


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